About Us

The Border Hunt is of very old standing. For more than 130 years, as far back as records go, the Hunt enjoyed a long family connection. Hounds belonged to the Robson and the Dodd families during that period. In 1951 Jacob Robson resigned the Mastership and handed over the pack to a Committee. The Border Hunt continues to be committee led and under the Mastership of Thomas Scott MFH/Huntsman.

The Border Hunt adheres to the law as it stands both in England and in Scotland.


Hunt Etiquitte:

The Countryside Alliance have recently published a leaflet ‘A newcomers guide to the how, where, when and what of hunting’.HowWhatWhereWhen-cover

The pocket-sized document is aimed at adults and children alike and answers typical questions about going hunting for the first time, such as queries about etiquette and turnout. 

The document aims to encourage people to try hunting as well as giving them peace of mind by answering some essential questions such as, ‘Will hunting suit me as I don’t like leaving the ground?’ and ‘Can I still go hunting if I don’t have a horse?

There are also some Top Tips to help newcomers enjoy their first day as much as possible.

The document will be available, free of charge, from the Countryside Alliance contact henrietta-rutgers@countryside-alliance.org for copies of this.